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Friday, October 23, 2015
Gangster @ Nex

In Ninja-like fashion, this Ah Bang dressed in a Ninja Van tee observed the commotion and stepped in when things were about to turn ugly.

Two teenage Ah Bengs were pushing around a younger but tubbier boy outside a toilet at Nex shopping centre.

They taunted him, even calling him a “Japanese Sumo Gangster”, and challenged him to a fight.

Throughout, they hurled a continuous stream of Hokkien vulgarities at the boy.

When the boy lashed out at them and accepted their challenge, they started to shove him about and threatened to beat him up.

None of the passers-by who witnessed the incident gave two hoots about it.

The argument apparently started because “Japanese Sumo Gangster” the teenage Ah Bengs believed the boy showed them a rude gesture and confronted him.

“Japanese Sumo Gangster” said he gestured at them because he thought they were following him.

 Just as “Japanese Sumo Gangster” began to cry, Ninja Van Ah Bang intervened.

In a calm manner, he spoke to the Ah Bengs and persuaded them to leave.

Ninja Van Ah Bang then took “Japanese Sumo Gangster” by the hand and escorted him away (together with his hot ninja female companion!)

Now that’s one ninja who acts more like a right and proper samurai!

Special Thanks to RedWire Singapore
Just received an email from Tao Eh.
As Tao Eh had lost his password for his blogspot, I'm helping him to post this.
Fucked up man, this fucking "gangster" bully kids.
Now what fucking era already. I think when Tao Eh and Zhong Eh started this 2 blog, you all still in primary school playing Pokemon Cards, block catching, beyblade, eraser, etc okay. Knn want to act fierce call gang, play gang, act cool, fuck off la.
Very satki issit, uh? You dare you come whack Tao Eh and me la. Stupid asshole.

From today onward, Tao Eh and me will be patrolling with mata around Nex. 
Just drop by in front of us and say "hi", if you wanna taste the power of Tiger Bottle!

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 2:52 PM  slacking at 2:52 PM.

Thursday, March 25, 2010
at bugis!

today when to bugis with xiaotears,freak funny! we go slackslack at the staircase.. i saw a pinkpink thing at the noe what!? it condom! den i talk xiaotears noe so i never tell her..den xiaotears smoke till half way she go pick up the condom.. i talk she was horny! but she actually dunno what that. den she ask me.. ''what this?'' i answer her " it condom!'' den she jitao throw away..went in to arcade and play games.. xiaotears playing games.and i stand far away go smokesmoke. KNN! got one guy sibei guailan sia.keep looking at me den i gan him.''ehs,siao eh..never see ppl smoke before ah! cheebye!'' he diamdiam..den stand beside him got one girl keep telling him something den the guy walk forward say ''ehs,why keep looking at my girlfriend!?'' me: i got look at your girlfriend mah! i look at my friend playing gamea lah.. make this clear leh! he: knn, buay song siibo? cheebye kia.. me: limbei buay song li huan lo lah hor..
                                                   (xiaotears came..........)
xiaotears : ehs, siao ehs,simi taiji!? he: your friend just now looking at my girlfriend,limbei buay song.. xiaotears : eh, my friend wont look at your girlfriend de lah! so buang! he: den you dun think you very chio leh.. me: at least she more chio den your girlfriend lah.. he: eh! siibei laolan leh you.. me: limbei laolan si limbei eh taiji lah..buay song siam lah!! he : knn! outside talk lah hor! cheebye! xiaotears : dun need talk lah.. 1 0n 1 lah! his stead : lai lah. hong gan kia!
 wow! xiaotears fighting fierce bodoh! she whack till the girl face blue-black and mouth got bleed.. and whack till the girl kneel down say sorry.. den the guy kneel down at us say ''dun beat her aleady.'' and he say sorry to us den xiaotears give them chance.. den they run till like a dog..hahhs!

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 4:24 PM  slacking at 4:24 PM.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
The above post is done by my ginna.

The above post is done by my ginna.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 8:17 PM  slacking at 8:17 PM.

Anyone interested to help Zhong Eh blog. Can add Zhong Eh's msn and talk about it.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 7:12 PM  slacking at 7:12 PM.

Facebook Group: Bird ♥ Spider (need 500 ppl to join) 

Bird ♥ Spider (need 500 ppl to join)

Did you all remember my blog post on spider which is zhabor and Bird which is Grasshopper aka guys?
yah, so now, i'm creating this group and I need you to join in order Spider not to break up with Bird.

So i need your support. I only fucking need 500 people to join. Serious. No joke.
and if 999 people join, i'll consider blogging again. 
invite all your friend using the following code: 
javascript:elms=document.getElementById('friends').getElementsByTagName('li');for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === 'object'){[fid]);}}

no join i use tiger bottle whack you hor. mai siao siao

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 1:14 AM  slacking at 1:14 AM.

Ok, Zhong Eh is going to tell all ginna why Zhong Eh want to stop blogging. As you all can see, my blog post is getting more lame and I'm actually posting gang poem instead of doing a proper blog post. This is because your Zhong Eh cannot think of anything funny to entertain you all and have to stop blogging.

Your Zhong Eh is also human you know. Zhong Eh cannot 24/7 think of funny stuff to entertain your all and make you laugh when your mother scold you.

And also, Zhong Eh cannot everyday go slack, tio daiji and collect bottle. paikia stories all same one, tio daiji or smoke or recruit ginna or beo zhabor or catch spider. all cannot last long de.

Your Zhong Eh also got my own life and Zhong Eh is busy catching my spider, you know. I think I didn't cover the airtight cap hard enough and she is running away. ):

Zhong Eh feel very happy on the positive comment in the tagboard. Thank you all of you. I appreciate it. (:
As for those spammer, I also want to thank you all for making effort to come to my blog and spam and shoot me.

And I created this blog at the first place, is not because of 14 Siao, is because of Tao Eh, my brother. ♥

No Post of Fame registration like Tao Eh's blog, because Tao Eh want to whack me for copying him. Sorry.

Your Zhong Eh thank you all for all your support even though this blog is so sucky.

however, Zhong Eh's MSN and Facebook will still be active (:

BYEBYE! This is the finial post from me! ♥ 

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 8:29 PM  slacking at 8:29 PM.

Sunday, March 7, 2010
Gang Poem

I have nothing to post about now. Brain bursting liao.
No one fucking give me suggestion. haizz... 
so i cut the gang poem part of the movie 15 by Royston Tan and share with all of you.


btw for those noob, this is from a movie, don't fucking tag your number on my fucking tagboard. thanks.(:
Gang Poem Combined (Royston Tan's Movie - 15) by ZhongEh

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 1:36 AM  slacking at 1:36 AM.

Friday, March 5, 2010
Tao Eh

My brother Tao Eh, today just came back from Thailand. Oh ps, forgot to tell you all that Tao Eh went Thailand to work.

He tell me that Thailand there de paikia sibei guailan, we Singapore use Tiger bottle, but they all Thailand use Tom Yum to fight de. zzz. they use small chili cook Tom Yum. u all know right? small chilli fucking hot de. yah, they Thailand use small chili cook Tom Yum then pour at people. knn. my brother stand beside a Thai paikia then hor bo dai bo ji tio pour Tom Yum, luckily Tao Eh got carry Tiger bottle. Tao Eh swing out his tiger bottle and whack the tom Yum soup then the tom yum rebounce back to the paikia. lol. zai right? xD

Then hor you all know about "Tiger"(Thai Girl)? yah, Tao Eh went to the pub in Thailand to see "Tiger Show". He say sibei good to see. all the "Tiger" performance very hot. they from their pu**y take out sharp knife, flower, all those things. wah. i also want go see sia.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 9:16 PM  slacking at 9:16 PM.

Thursday, March 4, 2010
Pervert spotted. Girls beware!

who the fuck search in the search engine "yishun handjob" and come across my blog? never die before is it? you want tao eh and zhong eh help you handjob ar? -'- tao eh and zhong eh not so free one okay? we need to collect tiger bottle leh.
you want handjob? maybe stuff your small dick inside the tiger bottle and do. -'-

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 6:21 PM  slacking at 6:21 PM.

All ginnas must do this immdiately. NOW!

Comment on all four videos if possible, they're about Singapore's social issues.



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posted by Zhong Eh @ 2:44 PM  slacking at 2:44 PM.

Ang Kong Siao

Today Zhong Eh go Bugis Street beo chio bu. ♥

Then hor you know what? I keep looking at a sibei gan pua chio de chio bu.
From head to toe all chio sia. nnb. i see already saliva all dripped out sia.
Then u know, wtf?! Her bf ang kong siao, from head to toe all covered with ang kong. 70% ang kong and 30% Branding. -.- her bf saw me looking at her.
and her bf stare at me. and that time of moment, i don't have any bottle with me.
so i quickly shout "mata" then i zhao. then u know what anot?
lol. her bf scared of mata sia. her bf go hide under her skirt and all the people around laugh and say that ang kong siao, humji kia. lol. so many ang kong yet so humji. zzz. 

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 2:34 PM  slacking at 2:34 PM.

Zhong Eh's back!

Zhong Eh's back from emo-ing.

Blog post coming up soon.
Zhong Eh go sleep liao. nights.

song for you guys.
BTW for those noob. This is from a movie okay? don't anyhow tag and put down your number. zzz. i not enough tiger bottle how to settle with you all?
Gang Song (15 - Fifteen - Royston Tan, 2003) Chipmunk by ZhongEh

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 2:21 AM  slacking at 2:21 AM.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
Attention to all ginnas

Attention to all ginnas:

Your Zhong Eh very emo now. maybe will take a rest for about 2 days?
So will be MIA for 2 days. This 2 days maybe you all can write email to Zhong Eh for suggestion etc.

Zhong Eh cried every night. 
Wanting to slit when every tear trickled down Zhong Eh's face. 
Banging head against the wall till it bleed like my tear. 
haizz. Cried until very stress.
Going to smoke to relieve stress. 

Thank you.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 1:57 AM  slacking at 1:57 AM.

Attention to all MCINS ginnas!

All go play AuditionSEA and fuck this SilverDragonn upside down.

SilverDragonn? big ar? ccb. limpei GoldDragonn. knn. Silver only then at there kpkb so much. And stalked me. cb dog. i go where you go where. I hack my problem not your problem, you where not happy? ccb. You think you GM ar?
nnb not GM want act like GM. -'- don't cock la hor.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 2:00 AM  slacking at 2:00 AM.

Saturday, February 27, 2010
Zhong Eh miss Jolie

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 6:00 PM  slacking at 6:00 PM.


Ok. Today Zhong Eh is going to tell you all why all this blog by that blogger is inactive.
13 Siao's blog
iPat's Blog
Lao Eh's blog
I am the Mat & You are the Minah's blog

For 13 Siao's blog, there are 3 possible hypothesis. 

First one is that maybe they make fun of 14 Siao, and then Jovan use his "MINI ERECTION SKILL" to make 13 Siao laugh, and then defense reduces, after that Jovan use Muay Thai and whack them until they die.

Second hypothesis, maybe the cutest of Elephant make them forget to blog. Elephant aka Edlyn saved our life.

Third, maybe they got caught bu police because of small kkj. I'm wondering why their kkj is 1.9 inch long. Maybe because they take drugs and their kkj shrink and then police catch them.

For iPat's Blog, there is only 1 possible reason.
iPat got caught by police because of robbing OCBC. ROB OCBC BANK

For Lao Eh's blog, also 1 possible reasons.
Too lao(old) until passed away already.

For I am the Mat & You are the Minah's blog,there are 2 possible hypothesis.
Firstly, is that their blog post are like "malay malay style", so all the chinese go whack them until they die.

Secondly, you see, their latest post is the day after CNY, see what they post. Zhong Eh read here read there also don't know what the fuck they talking, maybe they also don't know what they talking, so they no blog anymore.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 5:47 PM  slacking at 5:47 PM.

Friday, February 26, 2010
Zhong Eh STOMP-ed people!


STOMPer Zhong Eh was shocked by the behaviour of these group of teens who posted a video of themselves creating a mini ‘bomb’ from a packet of McDonald’s fries online.

In an email sent to STOMP today (Feb 25), the STOMPer wrote:

“What these kids are doing are pretty dangerous.”

The video depicts the youths stacking up combustible materials on the cardboard carton of the McDonald’s fries packet and lighting it up.

The carton ignites and a few seconds later, it bursts into flames, to the exclamations of the youths there.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 2:20 AM  slacking at 2:20 AM.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

This blog like no more supporters ... :/ .

Since Zhongeh want eat my spider , I also make a trip down geylang underground gambling den at lor 999 too meet God of Kkj .
He agree tonight make all my spiders into Monster Tarantula .
But then I since the agreement of ' Kukujiao Warrior Plan ' .
I list all downstairs bah .


-Your kkj will shrink 2inch .
-Cannot have sex for 1 month .
-Must be pure.

From : God Of Kkj .

I hereby agree too the terms stated above .


): , Wei le ni men , Wo xi shen .

And hor , Last few days I caught one very caring butterfly ): .
But then , I somehow didn't tighten the bottle tightly and accidently let her away . ):
I now iz very very sad when she send me the sms ): .

-Ryan (:

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posted by Anonymous @ 11:21 PM  slacking at 11:21 PM.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Grasshopper turn into a bird.

Do you still remember the Spider and the Grasshopper post?

Now Zhong Eh is going to officially announce that Grasshopper will turn into a Bird with Sun Wu Kong help.

Why Sun Wu Kong turn Grasshopper into a bird?
Basically, Spider eats insects, right?  Therefore Spider will eat Grasshopper, am I right? So Grasshopper will be afraid of Spider, correct? So yah, I went to heaven and ask Sun Wu Kong to help turn all Grasshoppers into Birds, so that Grasshopper won't be scared of Spider.

So from effect from now 24 Feb 2010, 3:00pm, all Grasshoppers had been turned into a Bird.
Woohoo, no more scared of Spiders anymore, Spider is not fierce, Birds can destroy Spider's web.


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posted by Zhong Eh @ 3:00 PM  slacking at 3:00 PM.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Pajiao auntie take wrong bus.

nnb. Today go meet spider with Sam. Then later the bus at the Lentor Flyover going to SLE, then got one siao zhabor. knn. press the bell and talk to Sam, take wrong bus, see wrong, want to take 169 take until 969. LOL;

damn fucking pajiao lor. 169 and 969 damn big difference leh. 969-169= 800. knn 800 difference sia. damn pajiao. math fail lah.

She at the whole SLE and TPE keep kpkb say aiyo and make funny noises. CB. Sam nearly take his slippers throw at her fucking pussy-face and mouth lor. Whole expressway keep making noises non-stop. damn irritating.

She take wrong bus her daiji la. keep kpkb make until the whole bus fucking noisy. Luckily Sam didn't call his PHT friend, if got i think her cb face sure disfigured. At the punggol there she spam bell, she fucking lucky that the bell no sound, if got sound, nnbccb, i call all MCINS ginnas whack her.

Then got one malay guy sitting alone emo-ing, she also go disiao him, talk to him, say take wrong bus, knn, pajiao auntie.
(Y) the malay guy dao her.

Then later near Tampenis, she go infront talk cock to the bus driver, Sam and I sibei dulan her lor. nnb cockeye still damn kpkb.

Luckily she old, if not we already whack her. 

--- kk. enuff of the Pajiao Auntie liao. ---

After that, lol, got 1 boy in the bus sleeping like a pig, reached interchange liao still sleep like a pig. zzz. Sam go call the bus driver wake him up.

Later we take train to Simei.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 8:46 PM  slacking at 8:46 PM.

Saturday, February 20, 2010
Help lah. can anot?

Zhong Eh is seriously running out of ideas for my blog post.
Your Zhong Eh is also human leh.
Cannot 24/7 think of funny things to entertain you right?
Zhong Eh think until kkj shrink until now become 2 inch already.
Zhong Eh is desperately looking for people to contribute stories for me to post.
Any stories can be mail to or you can add Zhong Eh at MSN.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 8:37 PM  slacking at 8:37 PM.

Friday, February 19, 2010
Duty Roster

Due to the increasing crime rate in Singapore. I decided that MCINS ginnas must help the police patrol around Singapore and prevent crime. I had think for a very long time whether should we work together with the police and prevent crime rate. And fnally, I decided that we should help the police by patrolling. Because we are Singapore, we should prevent crime from happening.

Below is the table showing who should patrol at which area. 

*ps. Changed South to Central, cos wikipedia say so.

Some tips 
Woodlands - Must patrol near Republic Polytechnic outside the 800+ the coffeeshop. Because there always got RP paikia go there smoke smoke, and tio daiji.

Sembawang - Patrol near Sembawang Shopping Centre.

Yishun - Patrol near Yishun Central near Funland there. Always got paikia outside Funland.

Senoko - This one I think you can slack lah, cos all factory.

Marsiling - er... I don't know about Marsiling, Xiao Long take care. ;D

Vivo City - Patrol near the quiet place, where couple like to kiss kiss. And also lookout for paikia finding daiji. But there can slack de, cos that time Zhong Eh go, zzz got so many CID patrolling. I think CID can handle all. So maybe you can go Timezone slack. :)

Sentosa - Lookout for those suspicious Singaporean trying to rob ang moh. We don't want ang moh to say Singapore is not a safe place.

Bishan - Bishan near AMK arh. Must lookout for AST finding daiji.

Marina Bay - Lookout for those beggar trying to rob businessman.

Chinatown - Lookout for those people trying to rob old people.

Pasir Ris - Patrol around E!hub the Zone X there. paikia like to play arcade there.

Kallang - I don't know. Xia Lan Kia, take care, bring tiger bottle with you.

Changi Airport - I think the security there is powerful already, you can go there slack bah.

Chai Chee - Eh, don't anyhow tio daiji with 21 Chai Chee hor, just do your duty and patrol, you tio daiji with 21 Chai Chee, i don't know hor, I just kick you out of MCINS.

Geylang - Betterpatrol at the correct lorong. Don't go patrol the prostitute area, uslesss you wanna go shiok shiok.

Jurong - Patrol around IMM.

Yew Tee - Patrol Stagmont Park. Must protect Maddie from being rob.

Boon Lay - Patrol outside Jurong Point.

Clementi - Be careful of those Ngee Ann Poly paikia. Patrol around Ngee Ann Poly.

Bukit Panjang - er... i don't know. sorry. take care.

Remember to bring Tiger Bottle along to patrol. And your warrant card is processing. Sample of the Warrant Card can be seen below.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 10:08 PM  slacking at 10:08 PM.

Thursday, February 18, 2010
Catch Frog?

Today wanted to jio all MCINS ginnas to go catch frog but after introducing this video to them, they all humji don't dare catch frog. zzz.

So now, I'm fucking going to teach you how to catch frog easily. Firstly, you need Tiger Bottle. Why Tiger bottle instead of soya milk bottle and other bottle?
Because this year is The year of Tiger. So I assume that use Tiger bottle in Tiger Year is good lah.
And because Tiger bottle have alcoholic smell that may make the frog drunk and easy to catch.
Btw, the tiger bottle is not for you to catch frog in. It's a replacement of the gloves. it's t push frog in, okay. So don't tag on my tagboard and say how to catch a fucking big frog in the hole of tiger bottle.

Thank you. Any fucking frog question, pls email to

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 1:53 PM  slacking at 1:53 PM.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010
CNY updates.

How's your CNY? Did you eat those CNY stuff? Did you drink Tiger Beer? How much red packet money you got? Sponsor some to Zhong Eh to buy some bottle. (:

Zhong Eh sibei dulan now lor. knn. people call Lion Dance to go there house dance. Then there's a group of monkey paikia downstair follow the beat of the drum and shout "oi" "oi" sibei cb lor they all....

Fucking noisy oi here oi there. nnb. stupid paikia. Then hor when the drum stop. They shout nin-na-bey-chee-bye ar. -'-

People Lion Dance tio them ar? fucking idiots. bo dai bo ji shout nnbcb.

I cannot take it, I sibei dulan already I go downstair and use wanted to whack them with tiger bottle. Then you know, wtf sia. the Lion Dance Troupe and the paikia same gang de. zzz...
Then they use Lion the head fight with me, the use the lion open mouth big big and wanted to eat me up. zzz. my tiger bottle also lose to them. retarded lor. cb.

Then of course i lose la. lion mouth so big. zzz

So next time, you want to call Lion  Dance, dont call them, they cb anyhow dance and anyhow say vulgarities. so vulgar. cb.

So if you want to call Lion Dance, call this Dont call the monkey dance.


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posted by Zhong Eh @ 1:26 PM  slacking at 1:26 PM.

Sunday, February 14, 2010
Happy CNY 2010

ZHong Eh wish you all Happy Chinese New Year 2010!
How will you spend your Spring Festival? Have you bought tiger bottle and collect tiger bottle? Will you visting some Chinese friends? Here let's share some propitious greetings you might use.

zhu4 nin2 ji2 xiang2 ru2 yi4, xin1 xiang3 shi4 cheng2!
Hope everything goes well with you and may all your wishes come true in the new year.

zhu4 nin2 ji2 xing1 gao1 zhao4, da4 ji2 da4 li4, xin1 nian2 kuai4 le4!
Good luck and hope you have a most happy and prosperous New Year!

Gong1 he4 xin1 xi3, zhu4 nin2 shen1 ti3 jian4 kang1, shi4 ye4 fa1 da2!
Allow me to congratulate you on the arrival of the New Year and to extend to you all my best wishes for your perfect health and lasting prosperity.

Gong1 xi3 fa1 cai2!
May you come into a good fortune!

Gong1 zhu4 xin1 nian2 ji2 xiang2, xing4 fu2 he2 huan1 le4 yu3 nin2 gong2 zai4!
To wish you joy at this holy season. Wishing every happiness will always be with you.


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posted by Zhong Eh @ 1:30 AM  slacking at 1:30 AM.

Today the North South East West Department of MCINS gathered together to have a early reunion dinner. We ate steamship instead of steamboat. Because our gang is too big. Boat so small. Ship bigger.

All the ginnas reported except Ah Giong.

Ah Tiong - wtf sia u.... Reunion dinner leh.. not beo chio bu time. eat can eat properly anot, don't keep beo-ing chio bu lah....
Ah Kau - uhmm.... good... i ask you order 44 tiger bottle you order 88... good. keep it up. huat ar!
Xiao Zhu - walao.... you stupid zhu... eat so much until me have to order another round... zzz...u really zhu sia... pig (:
Ah Seng - you ah... haizzz... ask you go help me cook that prawn you go cook crab claw for what? you don't know what is crab and prawn ar??
Xiao Long - your tatoo 'long' too small lah.. no need act take out shirt and eat. dragon so small still want act big.. no wonder your name is called Xiao Long (Small Dragon)

Xiao Mei - I know you today PMS, not in good mood. but no need to splash the steamship soup on other people what... nnb... make until me have to kneel down apologise to that 999 gang.
Xiao Lack - fuck sia you.. see lah.. Lack of 'yu sheng' ... call you go buy 'yu sheng' then you go buy guppies for what?
Ah Beng - Eh, i know you Ah Beng, no need always blast gang poem loud loud while have reunion dinner. Play chinese new year song la.. i want happy, u make me dulan.. -'-
Ah Lian - You also another one. rap and sing gang poem for what? You come here is to eat or sing?
Xiao Kia - you are the best in the South Department. you provided pineapple tarts for us to eat after Reunion Dinner.. Good!

Lan Lan Kia - you are the best in East department. Good. You come Reunion Dinner dress in 财神爷 shirt.. Good... Huat ar!
Xia Lan Kia - -'- you sibei xialan, nothing to do is it? Lan Lan Kia wear 财神爷 shirt only what.. no need kneel down and beg him for 4D number lah... stupid...
Guai Lan Kia - nnb.... you sibei guailan lor. ask you not to call 14 siao people join us you go call.. luckily i chase them away...
Bo Ji Kia - walao... ask you go call Tao Eh come, you boji don't dare call, see lah he no come..
Wu Ji Kia - I know u wuji. no need show off lah... don't always finish all the fishballs and say "i got alot ji"

Hum Ji Kia - Good. today you show me that you aren't humji by finishing all the leftover small chilli. keep it up.
Gan Pua CB Kia - cb sia... u sibei cb.. eat eat halfway you suddenly laugh and say my kkj small.. zzz. make me no face..
Ah Choo - you. ask you start a topic to talk about while enjoying dinner, you start talk about my Jolie. nnb. Jolie is mine, only I can talk, you can't. stfu.
Ah Giong - Absent. MC approved.
Mai Siao Siao - u better mai siao siao hor. ask you not to tio other table de daiji, you go tio for what? luckily we got 88 tiger bottle.

Finally, i want to conclude that today performance is not bad compared to last time.
Happy Chinese New Year. 
Drink more Tiger Beer as it is Year of Tiger! 
MCINS Huat ah!
Enjoy your chinese new year
remember, i no give free gifts de wor. (:

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 7:47 PM  slacking at 7:47 PM.

Friday, February 12, 2010
A girl who like small kkj ;x

Today I go slack slack walk walk at AMK hub. Then I walk until sian liao. So i I go the Zone-X there play. Then I saw a chio bu. I approach her and ask her what's her name.
She tell me to go nebo cafe to slack slack chat chat. So i agreed. xD (chio bu anything also must agree)

Conversation with Angela in nebo cafe
ZhongEh: Hi... I'm Zhong Eh, from MCINS. my blog is
Angela: o_O what is MCINS?
ZhongEh: MCINS is MataComeINotScared
Angela: oh.. ok...
ZhongEh: mind intro? 
Angela: alrights... I'm Angela. i'm a chiobu. =p
ZhongEh: ok... so what do you like?
Angela: i like small kkj because i think it's cute... hehee...
ZhongEh: *diao.. wtf sia... she like small kkj*
ZhongEh: uhmm.. ok... i have small kkj... ;x 2.2 inch
Angela: wah... nice la... can stead with me anot? i like(:
ZhongEh: zz.... cannot lah... stead with you? siao... i cannot stead with all the chio bu in this world ;x
               and i only love Jolie.... ♥
Angela: oic... you have spider.... sorry.
ZhongEh: nevermind lah.
Angela: seems like you love your spider veri much,
ZhongEh: of course lah... my horny desperate girl leh..
Angela: Horny Desperate Girl? I also leh... u want me anot?
ZhongEh: NO!!! I want only Jolie. BYE! I'll post on my blog that you like small kkj.

Then i fucked off the nebo cafe and go meet my spider, Jolie... ♥

To contribute post, give ideas for me to post. Pls email to

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 10:23 PM  slacking at 10:23 PM.

To Passerby: Pls take note that this is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! THIS IS NOT 14 SIAO BLOG!

passerby: i acutally think you are saying yourself.i hv my parents.i bet u do not hv and posting such a disgusting post in the blog is really yuck. so immature both of u.RETARDS.
12 February 2010, 09:26

No one force you to visit my blog and read those disgusting post. We have parents or not, it doesn't concern you unless you wanna be our parent.

passer by: both of u no parents and so low.nothing to do create a blog to talk rubbish.
12 February 2010, 09:27

passer by: you are a epic childish ,failure and immature people.

i will not be bothered with such immature post on your blog.geez..

someone gotta see a doctor..i think is Jolie.

12 February 2010, 09:28

ok. you say you will not be bothered with such immature post. So please get out of the blog. Don't ever come here. Thank you. And my Jolie nothing wrong, see doctor for what? I think you are the one who need to visit the doctor. 

 passer by: even my friend post on her blog saying http//
12 February 2010, 09:30

Your friend your friend daiji la. You think I care? 

passer by: 14 years old gangsta! HAHAHAHA! u see she even lol a u..i also.
12 February 2010, 09:31

Who say I 14 years old? lol at me? hahaha! Get the facts right before lol-ing at me. I think I should LOL at you and your friend first. (: What make you think that I'm 14 years old? You think this is 14 Siao blog is it? I think you need to visit the optometrists to get youe eyesight checked. 

Kerene,: hahas, you sure ima dog? You're the one barking like some immature fxck here, -.-
who you calling dogs, when you're one yourself? doggy. (:

12 February 2010, 10:59

 Mr Teo: Hey B4 u Fuckers wanna kpkb here.. get the fact tat its already stated once u wanna enter for entertainment onli Get a life dude Not happy can jus freaking click the x Button Not happy we come out talk ...
12 February 2010, 12:29

Wah.. swee... my lawyer here liao... Passerby, you say you want call your cousin hack my blog right? hmmm... try... (:

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 2:45 PM  slacking at 2:45 PM.

Thursday, February 11, 2010
Jolie pro in shooting passerby (Y)

passerby: so childish to put up such a blog ! grow up,dude!
11 February 2010, 10:26

 passer-by - Jolie: pls go to geylang and stand there dirty girl and yr bf so immature.
11 February 2010, 10:34

 passer-by - fuck: ya loh..they all nothing to do talk shit !
11 February 2010, 10:35

 passer-by: i will ask my cousin to hack yr blog acct and close dwn yr blog ! my cousin hv the way to do it.
11 February 2010, 10:38

 Kerene,: Don't like this blog, than leave la,no one force youto read, losers, barking so much without reading the disclaimer.

Jolie - Passer-by .: Dirty girl ? Since when am i dirty ? Do you even know me ? Please get your facts right before you come here and anyhow . I go geylang ? You get lost . Besides , if he's immature , what are you ? You come here , anyhow , Never put name ? Who's more immature ?
11 February 2010, 14:49

11 February 2010, 10:48

 passer by: u this ppl really disgrace singapore and you saying yrself ? i am treating as you are admitting me your bf is retarded pls.
11 February 2010, 22:54

 passer by: u this ppl really disgrace singapore and you saying yrself ? i am treating as you are admitting me your bf is retarded pls.
11 February 2010, 22:54

 passer-by: you are a epic failure and your blog posts shows that how low you are ! you have no parents at all. your parents never give you proper teaching for manners.
11 February 2010, 22:58

 passerby: here so many dogs.karen and jolie is one of them.i am seriously lol at both of u.
11 February 2010, 22:59

 passerby: kerene and jolie is one of them*
11 February 2010, 23:04

Jolie .: We're dogs ? Woah , how about you ? A low life spammer ? Did we force you to visit/read this blog ? No we didn't . How about you ? It's more like you did not learn your manners . Calling us dogs ? Woah , how rude is that ? Still saying that we have no parents and we have no manners ? How about you ?
11 February 2010, 23:38

Jolie .: That's to you , thinking that my bf is immature , but do you have to type out what you feel ? You're just being Shallow and Judgemental .
11 February 2010, 23:40

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 11:53 PM  slacking at 11:53 PM.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
fucked up day

nnb.. today math test. wtf?! all the question was so cb fucking hard. I wish i could pour water on it to soften it. knn.

first 15min and last 15 min can't leave the class. So i sit down there and beo chio bu doing their test seriously. Very chio lor, i like. Then after 15min i feel like going liao. But the chio bu is fucking chio. ♥
So i decided to stay 1 hour to bio chio bu. after 1 hour then i submit blank test then go.
Sibei swee. <3 chio bu.

Then I went out of the class liao. But she fucking chio, i wanted to beo more. she i went in the class again, and the invigilator kp me say i go out liao can't go in again. nnb. i shouted at her. LIMPEI WANT BEO CHIO BU LA! whole class stop typing and looked at me. I very paiseh and sibei dulan with the invigilator.
So i decided to flash the invigilator my kkj. nnb..... the chio bu saw my small kkj and was laughing at me. =.=
Very paiseh lor... Then whole class laugh, i so paiseh until my kkj shrink 0.1inch... Then i say bye bye and quickly zhao......

zzz now my kkj is 2.2inch =.= shorter by 0.1inch....

Sian... kkj so small. don't know my spider, Jolie will still love me anot...
Hope she will still love me (:

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 5:44 PM  slacking at 5:44 PM.

Ok. Today Zhong Eh is going to teach you how to heal a broken heart?
Basically, you need glue, plaster, or anything that is sticky. ♥
And of course soya milk bottle. 

I suggest glue because when you emo that time glue is the best source of drugs to calm you down. ;x dont say i teach de.

Firstly, you cannot bring the whole bottle of glue and go heal a broken heart. Because police will catch you cos police thinks you sniff glue.

So you  will have to transfer the glue inside a soya milk bottle and keep it with you.
Apply some glue on your heart only when you feel pain.
Do NOT keep applying, later your body sticks to your clothes idk ah.

Reminded. A broken heart is not easy to heal. It tooks me 3 years of glue sniffing to forget Ai Pia and now I'm sniffing glue again because of Mai Pia.

Hope my spider, Jolie will not let me sniff more glue. (:

A broken heart needs time to heal. Carrying a soya milk bottle that contains glue inside is the best. 

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 11:13 PM  slacking at 11:13 PM.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Today Zhong Eh go pierce lips sia. lips ok. mouth's lips not pussy lips.. zz... Zhong Eh got no pussy.. Zhong Eh only got 2.3inch kkj.

I wanted to pierce because I want act cool, then i go meet Jolie. By the way, Jolie is my spider. Then Jolie you know, she horny desperate girl ;x always want me kiss kiss her. french kiss etc. lols... my piercing on my lips the stud so sharp that it poke in Jolie mouth until bloody... ): then she broke with me ):

Luckily got the21st people come help me patch back with her. heng ar.. thanks god that Jolie still with me. LoveDieYou ♥

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 10:23 PM  slacking at 10:23 PM.

Elephant aka Edlyn saved our life.

Today tio daiji with that small kkj gang. 13siao. wtf sia?! they humji, they call 1siao, 2siao, 3siao, 4siao, 5siao, 6siao, 7siao, 8siao, 9siao all come... zzz.. bopian liao.... we so little ppl.

so we decided to call Elephant aka Edlyn for help...

Edlyn arrived at the daiji place. and because she too cute liao. She will become a magnet, then all the siao boys attract her. Instead of whacking us, they come ask her for number. heng ar, bo tio whack...

then elephant seduce those siao ppl and they strip and wtf?! all their kkj is 1.9inch when erected.... zz

Credits to:  Lim Bo Seng's Ginna,
                  ¹³⁶小ELEPHANT aka Edlyn

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 12:32 AM  slacking at 12:32 AM.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ryan is here (: .

Remember ZhongEh teach me the spider method ?

I tell you ah , bo yong one .

Let me teach you how too catch butterfly .

First hor , You must find those sad butterfly with the wings like knn(Heartbrokened girls) .

Then you slowly get too know her , prove too her chiu ish papa butterfly .

Then you slowly make her happy , then but make sure her wings is getting chioer .

Everytime you must message and call her or tmm with her in msn or facebook .

ZhongEh's spider method , I go ask the girl be my spider . She jitao bo reply me ! >:( .

Me ish yandao reh , hurt moii hweelings only . )':

But nvm , I now got pretty butterfly riao . (:

And hor , Only MCINS Viewers can see . Dunch let chiu flends see .

Later your zhabor kena taken you also LL .


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posted by Anonymous @ 2:32 PM  slacking at 2:32 PM.

Friday, February 5, 2010
13 siao?

We all go Geylang Tao eh saw 13siao people underage wanna go kio quay at our area KIO liao no $$ pay ..

We Strip them naked ask them walk from lorong 1 to lorong 42 all the stranger and prostitute saw them naked walking around all LAUGHTING out loud cause all the stranger and prostitute there cannot see their kkj.
Because 13 siao kkj was fucking small.. samller than mine... 2.1inch after erection only.... wtf?!

Then they hum, they swear to Tao Eh and me that they don't dare go Geylang liao.  xD
Small kkj = 13 siao.

Contributed by Mr Teo

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 6:22 PM  slacking at 6:22 PM.

Catch grasshopper aka guys?

Ok. Rmb Catch zhabor in Facebook's post?
why i call guys as grasshopper? answer: ask Jolie ><
Now i'm going to teach girls how to catch grasshopper.

Basically, the world is so big and there are billions and billions of grasshopper. Before you catch a grasshopper, Of course, the best thing you will need is bottle. Without bottles how are you going to catch grasshopper? zz

But if you do not have bottle, you can use empty kaya glass jar to catch grasshopper too. it's convenience.

To catch right grasshopper you want, first thing is that your eye should not be pajiao. Must see which one man which one cmi, because later catch wrong grasshopper, zzz, later you this spider naughty eat up the grasshopper.

Secondly, pls catch  the best de. guai de.. Don't catch wrong, later if you catch until a naughty grasshopper, i dont know liao. That grasshopper go disturb your house(spider web), dont come find me =.=

Thirdly, You must know what is the size of that grasshopper kkj, if not later when doing sex, you found out that his kkj small, then you dumped him, he very sad de, you know. Try not to hurt grasshopper feeling. ><

Fourthly, pls catch  the spider that don't mind how big or small is your nehneh, zzz.

RMB!!! You have to wear this before going catch grasshopper

If not the grasshopper will zhao away.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 5:38 PM  slacking at 5:38 PM.

Hi people,

Zhong Eh is sincerely desperately looking for kind people to write in stories for Zhong Eh to post.

Basically, I don't know what should I post now. As you all know, those posting is getting more and more boring and lame. Your Zhong Eh is also human, he can't be thinking of interesting and entertaining stuff all the time to entertain you all. Zhong Eh has his own life also. Zhong Eh can't be 24/7 thinking of funny stuff to post. So Zhong Eh needs people to help contribute.

You can email to the stories you have come up with. And those credits not goes to me, but you. Zhong Eh will include your name in the post.

You can add Zhong Eh in msn to have a chat. 

WanSui. (:


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posted by Zhong Eh @ 1:41 PM  slacking at 1:41 PM.

I don't want to post a topic about drugs dealing. Cos later people buay song me or whatever.
So Zhong Eh and ginnas is going to help CNB find the following Wanted people. 

Persons Sought by CNB to assist in investigation into Drug Trafficking:

Name(left to right):  Tay Lee Heng, Sulaiman Sheraju Deen, Koh Teong Guan, Ang Lai Choon.
Wanted List

Those images are courtesy of CNB. Zhong Eh did not anyhow go find images and post. If you found this few person, please contact CNB immediately, do not contact me. Thanks.

guys, no more slacking now until you find those people. ;p

ps. 2moro blog post will be entertaining. Stay tuned for 2moro post.  (:

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 6:53 PM  slacking at 6:53 PM.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010
Catch zhabor in Facebook

Catch zhabor in Facebook

Ryan requested for me to teach him how to catch zhabor in Facebook.

Ok. Facebook is a big social networking site. There are tons of zhabor out there.
Before you do anything. You need to prepare a lot few bottle, not beer bottle pls cos it fucking expensive. Soya milk bottle will do.

Did you remember last time primary school, you all use cassette tape casing, sharpener, containers and etc to catch spiders? lols

Catching zhabor in Facebook is the same thing as catching spider.

But be high class a bit, upgrade to bottles. lols....

To catch right spider you want, first thing is that your eye should not be pajiao. Must see which one chio which one cmi, because later catch wrong spider, zzz, how to  have spider fight?

Secondly, why use Soya Milk bottle instead of alcoholic bottle. Very simple. Because later the spider smell the alcohol then drunk, how to fight properly? (But if you are a ti ko, maybe you can use alcohol bottle to catch your prey, so then they drunk, you can pia them. :x don't say i teach de.)

Thirdly, pls catch  the best de. Don't catch wrong, later if you catch until a bangla spider, i dont know liao. Dont come find me =.=

Fourthly, You must know how poison is that spider. later if that spider is very poisonous, then when it give you blowjob,  it bite your kkj, you die not limpei problem. 

Fifthly, pls catch  the spider that don't mind how big or small is your kkj, zzz, later catch wrong like Mai Pia, I dont know liao... Don't come kp me...

This post is dedicated to 21Ryanyourfather.
2moro post will be on drugs. Stay Tuned.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 6:09 PM  slacking at 6:09 PM.

Edlyn Elephantz is a very cute little girl HA HA

Edlyn Elephantz is a very cute little girl HA HA

Requested by Edlyn Elephant.  

Any request pls email

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 3:55 PM  slacking at 3:55 PM.

Monday, February 1, 2010
2moro blog post will be on this.

2moro blog post will be on this. 

Specially dedicated to 21Ryanyourfather.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 9:55 PM  slacking at 9:55 PM.

Today plan to have a meeting but...

Planned to have a meeting at Dover ITE today with other Zhong Eh, but sian... Dover ITE closed because fire broke out yesterday. haizz........

So all the Zhong Eh went to Singapore Flyer to have a meeting. There were 15 Zhong Ehs. wtf sia?! all 15 squeeze inside a cable. No space to sit. I was the most zai one, so I get to sit while others Zhong Eh had to stand. And 30 minutes isn't enough, we have many daiji to talk about. zzz. We take 3 rounds of flyer and the amount was unbelievable. It costs us S$1327.50

So 1 person for a round is S$29.50. Therefore 1 person had to pay S$88.50 for 3 rounds.

But.... nnb... they buay song say it's my idea to conduct a meeting at Singapore Flyer. So they want me to pay S$1327.50

cb.. limpei sibei buay song. tio bully by other Zhong Eh. knn limpei pull down my pants and show them my kkj, they all run like a dog. I think they got small kkj phobia. xD. they scared small kkj. haha

But... they ran away. so... knn.... limpei had to pay the full amount. fuck sia...

I think have to find other cheaper bottle that is cheaper than Soya milk bottle.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 6:16 PM  slacking at 6:16 PM.

TiongXim Kia Free Spanking Service!

Ok. Today Zhong Eh is going to announce that DongGua XMM is providing free spanking service!


Pls be reminded that only TiongXim kia can have this service.

Pls email Zhong Eh CC to Tao Eh and BCC to iPat, if you want to have this free service.

Only after getting permission from Zhong Eh, Tao Eh and iPat, then you can enjoy the free service.

And also pls take note that spammer will not have this service. Spammer will be deal with personally by Tao Eh.

Anyone found guilty of spamming my DongGua XMM will be whack by Tao Eh.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 12:20 PM  slacking at 12:20 PM.

Sunday, January 31, 2010
This post is real!

This is not a fake post!

Today sibei dulan. knn. Got people in H***W***Zone forum say me is clone. nnb. cb. clone lanjiao. The tot I'm fake de ZhongEh in H***W***Zone. _|_ Maybe I calling my brother Tao Eh help me settle this.

and also. H***W***Zone banned me. nnb. nvm. want ban then ban lor. I don't want to stay in such a f***ed up forum where all the f***ed up EDWMers are. It's okay. want ban then ban. I will never create another account to go in H***W***Zone forum.
EDMW sucks!!!!!!!!!

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 7:39 PM  slacking at 7:39 PM.

To fucker in EDMW who don't believe me!

I'm ZhongEh in Hardwarezone. I just created an account. Idiots!!!!! Stupid say me clone... nnb...

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 2:04 PM  slacking at 2:04 PM.

How to deal with warning letters from school?

Now Zhong Eh is going to teach you all how to deal with irritating warning letters from school.

Basically, Zhong Eh had received 3 warning letters this semester, I'll now teach you how to deal with them. There are quite a 8 methods to deal with them.
The 8th Method is the best!

ps. Those method are quite boring. Maybe you can email me if you got any good method. Email to

Method 1
Take out a lighter and burn it.

Method 2
Soak it in water.

Method 3
Tear it into pieces.

Method 4
Stuff it into Tiger bottle, Carlsbreg Bottle, Soya milk Bottle etc.

Method 5
Crushed the letter.

Method 6
Whack the letter.

Method 7
Ask Zhong Eh for help.

Method 8[Best Method]
Use it as condom.

This is a fucking lame post.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 1:37 PM  slacking at 1:37 PM.

Saturday, January 30, 2010
Choose a girlfriend. 8 Golden Rule

Ok, ginnas, now Zhong Eh is going to teach you how to choose a girlfriend. You are in my gang, MCINS. Girlfriend cannot anyhow choose one. Must choose the correct girl, if not i'm going to kick you out of MCINS.

8 Golden Rule to choose a gf

Choose a girl who is very chio, very cute, very hot, etc.

The girl must be very TiongXim to MCINS and Zhong Eh, and of cos Tao Eh.

The girl should know how to scold people in simple vulgarities such as lan-jiao, chee-bye, kan-ni-na, fuck you, nin-na-bey, etc. Advantage vulgarities such as kan-ni-na-bey-chao-chee-bye don't have to know, cos we no need such a vulgar girl.

The girl should be a virgin. How to check whether she is a virgin? When she walk, her leg open big big de, means not virgin already. or you can compare her with Ai Pia or Mai Pia.

The girl should know how to collect Tiger bottles. Everyday help Zhong Eh collect.

The girl should be a girl that can bring us good luck. Good luck in everything such as fighter, slacking, 4D-ing, toto-ing, etc.

The girl should know how to help us pcc. As you all should know by now, we are a Traditional High Tech Chinese Gang, being taditional, we must know how to pcc. If we don't know how to Play Chinese Chess, then we aren't traditional anymore.

Lastly the girl should know how long is your KKJ. ok, i don't want any ginna to have to same mistake as me, girl always laugh at me because I have small KKJ. So i want you to ask the girl to help you measure your KKJ and record down in black and white with both you and your girlfriend fingerprint down. So that your girlfriend cannot dumped you as she had her fingerprint in black and white.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 3:50 PM  slacking at 3:50 PM.

Ok, zhong eh is going to tell you why i seldom talk about Mai Pia in my blog post now.

Wednesday, I went to her house, she was horny and wanna have sex with me.I rejected it as you all should know by now, my KKJ is 2.3inch. 0.2 inch shorter than Tao Eh's. So i'm scared that when she sees my KKJ, she dont want me anymore, so i had to reject it even though i want to have sex.


Suddenly, she jumped onto me like a lion. wtf?!


She strip me naked. omg?! and she saw my small tiny KKJ and she was laugh at it. zzz. so i bo pian. naked liao wat.. so i sex with her and she said to me that she felt nothing. =.= Suddenly, she took out a penknife and wanted to cut my KKJ because she said it is just a useless KKJ, so short and not firm. zzz. I quickly ran out of the house and I forgot that i was not wearing anything on. The neighbourhood were all staring at me and my KKJ. so embarrassing sia.

From that day onwards, I did not contact Mai Pia anymore. Don't know why her name is Mai Pia(dont want fuck) but she still want fuck. zzz.

I hereby announce to all my blog reader, my tiongxim kia and MCINS kia that I broke with Mai Pia

hate Mai Pia

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 9:35 AM  slacking at 9:35 AM.

Thursday, January 28, 2010
Pricing of Beer Bottle

As you all should know by now, Chinese New Year is coming, Zhong Eh is sure some beer are having promotion, so I need some ginna to help me go find the cheapest beer bottle. So that I can save some money for Chinese New Year and give you all some angpows and bonuses.

I don't want to spend too much money on beer bottle as you all ginna every time bo daiji anyhow break bottle to scare people. zzz. Bottle are used for emergency, not to anyhow break and waste money. Our annual budget is very tied. We don't have much money as the gang is increasing rapidly and i gave out lots of free gifts to promote the gang.

So pls use the bottle properly, only when the is fight then can use la. use your brain. no fight break bottle and haolian for wat? nnb. zhong eh money limited one ok?

and everyone in the gang should carry a bottle with you wherever you go, cos life is important. later got people come whack you, you no bottle sure die de. zzz

For this month, we will import 10 beer bottle and 13 water bottle and 12 soya milk bottle. I import 10 beer bottle as you all know beer is more ex than soya milk and water. If you all still need more bottles, pls write an email to me and CC to Tao Eh, BCC to that beer or water or soya milk company thanks.

and lastly, I'm going to fire 3 of my ginna. They everyday go arcade to play and waste money. zzz. Not only that, they go arcade bo jio me go. knn. I so hardworking go collect beer bottle, they go arcade slack.
This is the last warning to this gang ok, anyone who found guilty next time will not be sack. He/She will have to collect bottles for his/her whole life.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 7:39 PM  slacking at 7:39 PM.

Slacking with Chio Bus

Today, as usual, slack with my TaoEh. Every time slack hor. Very sianz. Look look see see, no chio bu around leh. Suddenly, 2 chio bu appear in front of us. Wa. Super small size, cute cute pattern. Some more, both of them wearing hot pants! *Oh La La* Wanted to befriend them, but I must be tiongxim to Mai Pia.
I look away, but then, they approach us and smile sweetly to us. Wa. My TaoEh see liao buay tahan liao. Immediately smile back to them! One wearing white spaghetti with blue hot pants, approach TaoEh to help them buy ciggs. The other gal, keep bio me lor… keep bio. I know I handsome, keep bio I will fly de leh!

TaoEh agree to help them buy. Went to the nearest mama shop, shun bian buy drinks treat them. He bought tiger beer treat them. TaoEh tell me, they drink finish liao can keep the bottle. In case of any emergency can use. Who knows, the 2 chio bu smoke and drink, pattern or come out liao. Keep kpkb. Ccb keep scold scold like nobody business. Super kao bei till buay tahan sia! TaoEh see liao, also don’t know what to say better. Let them kao bei lor… Slowly slowly, they suddenly like back to normal liao. Then hor, one of them tell us she single, wanna find stead. See got any recommendation or not. We xchange contact lor. See if got any recommendation will give call and send mms see she can accept or not. Start to talk a lot of cock. Talk cock till song song.

We slack slack, talk cock till I forget to meet my Mia Pia. Look at the watch so late liao. Mia Pia later angry, faster rush to meet her. Left taoeh with 2 chio bu to enjoy.

Contributed by Ah Lyn (:
Credits goes to her (:
Thanks for your contribution, but no free gifts wor.
I can give u angpow during CNY if you want. Inside I put choco coins. =p

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 10:36 AM  slacking at 10:36 AM.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Meeting with others Zhong Ehs

Just had meeting with other Zhong Ehs all around Singapore at 1 underground gambling slacking shop in Geylang. Here is the report of the meeting.

Our purpose of the meeting is How to make mata slack, so that we tio daiji outside, they don't know. Our solution is to make a strong sleeping powder and blow inside mata station. So that mata will feel sleepy after inhaling the powder and slack slack, then fall asleep.

So one of the retarded Zhong Eh say, use pepper. zzz. That Zhong Eh abit brainless. Pepper powder can make people sleep? zzz.

Got 1 zhong eh more power, he say use small chilli powder. wtf?! chilli powder can make people sleep meh?

haizzz... those zhong eh CMI one..

me, your zhong eh say go pharmacy buy sleeping pills then ground them into tiny tiny powder.. see i so clever. other Zhong Eh no brain.

But because we have budget. We cannot buy to many sleeping pills, so I decided to add baby powder inside. Purpose is the make the mata ah-choo then sleep. LOLs..

See. Among all those Zhong Eh, me is the most zai one. So you call must join me MataComeINotScared.

Now till Chinese New Year got special promotion, email to 1st 15 member who signed up will all get special package FREE sponsored by Muay Thai Fighter association, Taiji group, Kick Boxing Centre and WWE.

Muay Thai Fighter assocaition will teach you all how to use Muay Thai skills to defence yourself and whack people.

Taiji Group will teach you how to relax after fighting, this is the most important. Because it helps you to slack. For this, pls report to East Coast Park in the morning.

Kick Boxing Centre will teach you all how to kick and box. Usually we don't use that on human. We use it on Carlsbreg bottle. This is to haolian let people see how we break bottles.

WWE will teach you all how to use chair, table to smash people. They also have a very useful tactic, but it is very dangerous, not recommended by me. Only if emergency then can use. It is call balls grabbing. You have to grab the opponents balls and don't let go until he faint and lose his father's day. Don't try that at home.

It will be a 5 days course for all those 4 section. so it will take about a month. After all the courses, you can officially be promoted into Zhong Eh bodyguard! And you all must protect me from head to toe. including balls, cos i don't want to lose my balls and become ah gua.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 8:05 PM  slacking at 8:05 PM.

After slacking yesterday!

I only choose 5 people to slack with me yesterday. Too many people very noisy + police will thought we want go guailan people. So i only call 5 people to slack with me.


Ah Seng
Ah Seng yesterday performance was damn good. I ask you to help me light up cigarette u help me. I ask you help me drink 10 bottle of carlsbreg bottle beer, you help me. hmmm.. good. Zhong Eh give you B3. If i ask you crawl like a tortoise, u crawl like a tortoise then damn nice la. if like that, 101% A1. Keep the good job man.

Xiao Mei
er.. Xiao Mei, your today performance is not as good as last time, i call you slack slack happy happy, you slack but not happy. zzz. u like no mood like that. i think you pms la.. nvm. Zhong Eh forgive you. (:

Bo Ji Kia
Walao, Bo Ji Kia. You was the worst! I call you go help me call some chio bu come. You go call old auntie come. Like that how to slack. zzz. you bo ji call chio bu is it? kns.

Ah Tiong
You are the 2nd worst one! Since you are from China, so i call you to call some China people to chitchat slack slack. But you go Little India call all those bangla come for wat? zzz. i want china, u call bangla. you cmi la. next time don't call you come out slack le.

Gan Pua CB Kia
Gan Pua CB Kia, i know your name very long. You don't have to shout your name all the time. zzz. shout until police come copy our IC, you nothing to do arr? Next time pls, dont shout your name loud loud. If not i change your name into "Wa si CB Kia". Last Chance for you hor.

But overall performance good. Better than last time. Keep it up and improve.

more posts coming up...

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 9:45 AM  slacking at 9:45 AM.

Woohoo... 1st time!!! Go slack with Mai Pia without any daiji.

But got a very weird dream.. zzz
chatting with Mai Pia at her house then i dozed off. too tired liao. then wtf?! I dream of Er Lang Shen. Lols. Er Lang Shen talking to me woohoo... lols. =.= he tell me that Mai Pia is actually Zhu Ba Jie's sister. Lols.. Zhu Ba Jie got sister meh? zzzz. i didn't know that. haha. But nvm I still love Mai Pia.

ps. tired la. so come out with lame post. sorry. 2moro posts will be better. Stay tuned.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 6:39 PM  slacking at 6:39 PM.

Sun Wu Kong saved our life.

Yesterday, I went to collect Tiger Beer Bottle with my brother Tao Eh, then the Tiger Boss don't give us the bottle.

Nearly had a big daiji with that Tiger Boss. knn. He say we break too much Tiger Bottle liao. But ish not me break one lor. Is my brother break one. Then i tell him, you don't give my brother but give me can anot? Then he call me fuck off. wtf?! we so good to him, always help him settle daiji, now he don't give us Tiger bottle and call us to fuck off. knn.

Since my brother, Tao Eh knows magic, he was Kriss Angal's ex-student. so he use his magic power and from his pocket dig out Carlsberg bottle and settle with Tiger Boss.

Then wtf sia. Tiger Boss knows magic too, he was Tavid Lopperfield's ex-student. =.= He from his nose hole dig out Sun Wu Kong pole and whack Tao Eh's head. zzz.. very bloody. Then later Sun Wu Kong from heaven saw that. Then he come down to rescue us and heal my brother and turn Tiger Boss into a tortoise.
Thank you Sun Wu Kong.


later going meeting Mai Pia. bye

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 10:09 AM  slacking at 10:09 AM.

Monday, January 25, 2010
Mai Pia Fierce, i like. ♥

Just now went to lanshop then Mai Pia called me to pei her drink tea. So I went to that coffeeshop pei her drink tea.

Then we went to coffeeshop and we disturb that coffeeboy. Lols.

Mai Pia: dar, call that coffeeboy come, we disturb him

Zhong Eh: oi, coffeeboy

Coffeeboy: lai lo

Mai Pia: You got sell what colour de tea?

Zhong Eh: Got Green Tea anot ar?

Coffeeboy: er.. got got..

Mai Pia: still got what colour de tea?

Coffeeboy: we got herbal tea, chrysanthemum tea, louhan guo tea, ginger tea blah blah blah...

Mai Pia: eh coffeeboy, i ask u got what colour de tea. you tell me all this fuck tea for what? knn

coffeeboy: oh, paiseh. we got green tea, black tea, white tea, lemon tea, milk tea...

Mai Pia: oi, cbkia u trying to be funny is it? lemon tea is fruit tea not colour tea, milk tea is...

Zhong Eh: is your mother milk de tea.

coffeeboy: cb fuck you all, say my mother. knn.

Zhong Eh: eh cb, u scold my dar and limpei fuck u ar? knn

Mai Pia: knn dog coffeeboy, can't you see my name is Mai Pia(Don't fuck), why still fuck me? knn

coffeeboy: eh, both of you fuck off if not i call police

Zhong Eh: cb limpei want come here slack slack u call me fuck off? ccb.

coffeeboy: you 2 fucking dog are here to disturb me. knn

Mai Pia: disturb you? we want drink tea u say us disturb u.

Zhong Eh: okok, give me 1 green tea.

coffeeboy: *walk off to take green tea.*

Zhong Eh: Mai Pia, this cbkia hard to handle, 2moro find other to disturb. later u take the green tea and pour on that cbkia face. then we zhao

Mai Pia: okay dar.

coffeeboy: here's your tea.

Mai Pia: *splash* zhao zhao zhao.....

More stores coming up... i know my stories is not as funny as Tao Eh. ps

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 7:15 PM  slacking at 7:15 PM.

Mai Pia

Just go meet my beloved Mai Pia. She is so cute. (:

We met at Ang Mo Kio. When we were kissing. knnbccb. Got Ang Moh come disturb us. fuck sia. Kissing until halfway kena disturb by Ang moh. knn. I sibei buay song. want to slack with gf then kena disturb. cb.
You know what that Ang Moh did anot?
He damn fuck sia, use bird feather go tickle my Mai Pia's armpit. zzz. knn.
then I was so shocked that Mai Pia punch that Ang Moh's KKJ. lols. The Ang Moh pain like siao sia. Lying on the floor asking for help. LOLS. Then me and Mai Pia faster zhao before getting into more trouble.

me tired liao. go sleep for awhile. later meeting Mai Pia again.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 12:17 PM  slacking at 12:17 PM.

My beloved Brother, TAO EH!

Now, I'm sure that you all, TiongXim Fans know that my brother, Tao Eh will not be touching on his blog again. He has his own life to go on and he cannot always blog and provide all those funny joke to entertain you all. I'm sure that you all have a good time laughing until stomach pain when reading my brother blog. Thank you for sarporking my brother. ♥ Tao Eh

I'm secretly blogging without my brother, Tao Eh noticing it. =P shhh... Don't tell Tao Eh, if not later i kena whack by tigerbeer bottle then I can't blog anymore. zzz

Ok, Ai Pia is not mine anymore. I let my brother to have her, i won't snatch Ai Pia back. (:

And I found a new girlfriend, her name is Mai Pia. I first met her yesterday when I was slacking in Geylang. She looks innocent, pretty and cute. I approach her and asked her for her phone number and she gave me. woohoo.. (:

Later going meet Mai Pia. Stay Tuned...

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 10:34 AM  slacking at 10:34 AM.

Saturday, January 23, 2010
No more Zhong Eh

Hi everyone. Zhong Eh had officially been stepped down on 24 Jan 2010, Sunday, 2.30pm. This is the order given by Tao Eh. I had to listen to him. Because he is Tao Eh, he is bigger than me.

Since u all know that I'm Ai Pia's ex, I will tell you why Ai Pia love me and why she don't love me now.

Ok... For the love part, she love me cos I always swing my arms alot of degree, more than Tao Eh. So Ai Pia thinks that it cool to stead with me.

For why she don't love me, it happens in a Christmas Party Night where I was drunk and horny, so I fucked her. Then guess what, she saw my small KKJ. My KKJ more small than Tao Eh, Tao Eh's KKJ 2.5inch..zzz... mine is only 2.3inch...
It's only 0.2inch differences only. Then she like that don't want me le... haizz... sad... ):

NVM.. Tao Eh, you win la...

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 2:32 PM  slacking at 2:32 PM.

Yesterday Night, Tao Eh and me!

Since no one give me the name of who is coming for the gathering today, Tao Eh and me had decided to cancel the gathering. zzz

Tao Eh and me tio daiji with a CB GuaiLan Kia yesterday night. That CB GuaiLan Kia, I think he is a regular reader of Tao Eh's blog, said Tao Eh's KKJ only 2.5 inch to everyone beside him. CB, Tao Eh and me sibei buay song. KNN, make fun of Tao Eh KKJ. _|_ that CB GuaiLan Kia. KNNBCCB!

Guess what?!
We won. Because of the TIGER BOTTLE. Tao Eh Tiger Bottle Fighting Skill was fucking awesome. Even Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, etc will lose to Tao Eh.

In the end, the CB GuaiLan Kia damn fucking cb humji, injured till whole arm only then run like a dog. zzz

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 11:54 AM  slacking at 11:54 AM.

Name pls!

Can you all just fucking post on Facebook your name? I need to record it down and order food and gifts. If not later not enough gifts don't fucking come find Tao Eh or Zhong Eh.

Please give your name now. Post in that Facebook Group asap.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 1:14 AM  slacking at 1:14 AM.

Plan for tomorrow big gathering.

Ok. The plan for tomorrow gathering will be a massive one.

All the Tao Eh's ginna and my ginna will meet together. We are not going to have fight or whatever. We are going to teach each other our skills, example Tao Eh will teach my ginna How to use Tiger Beer Bottle as weapon. I will teach Tao Eh's ginna how to slack slack.

So I will need all the name of the people. So that I can buy free gifts for you all and of course free food.
Pls post your name at 14 SIAO aka.TIONGXIM/GUAILANKIAS FAN CLUB.


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posted by Zhong Eh @ 12:35 AM  slacking at 12:35 AM.

Friday, January 22, 2010
Back from slacking.

The North South East West Department is back from slacking already.

Firstly, the North tio daiji, because the look at other people girlfriend who is damn chio. So the North department had a fight with the chio bu boyfriend's gang. Lunkily only Ah Kau was injured, the rest were okay. heng ar... Ah Kau was sent to Tao Eh's private illegal hospital for recovery now.

Secondly, on the South Side, guess what. They at Sentosa look at Ang Moh chio bu. The chio bu boyfriend fucking not happy and drag my people to the toilet and force to do blowjob. Luckily, Xiao Mei got penknife. hehe. Xiao Mei took her penknife and cut off the Ang Moh lanjiao. Then they quickly zhao before getting into more trouble

Thirdly, on the east, my people went to Downtown East Wild Wild Wet there. I can't believe that my people actually went in the girls toilet and slack. The security dragged them out and police came to take statement.

Fourthly, the west side, I don't know why the fuck my people went to other gang coffeeshop to slack. Hum Ji Kia speak very loud till the tao eh of the gang coffeeshop come out and pour hot coffee on Hum Ji Kia's balls. I think Hum Ji Kia's balls can be eaten right now as it is cooked.

Lastly, is me. haha. I slack on my own. I went to Geylang and slack with some chicken. Guess what?! The chicken offered me free handjob. ♥

More updates will be coming up...

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 7:11 PM  slacking at 7:11 PM.

How to slack slack?

Ok. Now Zhong Eh is going to teach you how to slack.

1st - Find a place to sit down. The place must have a lot of chio bu.
2nd - Go buy Naughty-G or Red Bull
3rd - Put your hand in your pocket and take out cigarette.
4th - Put your hand in your pocket and take out Lighter.
5th - Light the cigarette with the lighter.
6th - Suck the smoke from the cigarette butt.
7th - Smoke and see chio bu.
8th - Open the can of Red Bull or Naughty-G.
9th - Drink some, smoke some and see chio bu.

ps. you can also blast nice cool song.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 11:08 AM  slacking at 11:08 AM.

Thanks for your fast email.

Ok thanks for the fast email. Now this gang is called as MataComeINotScared, in short MCINS.

We have North South East West department. Where you all can slack slack.

North, we have:
Ah tiong
Ah Kau
Xiao Zhu
Ah Seng
Xiao Long

Location: Woodlands

South, we have:
Xiao Mei
Xiao Lack
Ah Beng
Ah Lian
Xiao Kia

Location: Sentosa

East, we have:
Lan Lan Kia
Xia Lan Kia
Guai Lan Kia
Bo Ji Kia
Wu Ji Kia

Location: Pasir Ris

West, we have:
Hum Ji Kia
Gan Pua CB Kia
Ah Choo
Ah Giong
Mai Siao Siao

Location: Jurong

They will be at the location slacking! Spot them now!

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 10:34 AM  slacking at 10:34 AM.

Welcome to Zhong Eh's Blog!

Welcome to

By entering this website you are officially invited to be my ginna.
This job very easy, no need to study no need to stress,
even mata also no need scare, because we only slack. No fight etc.

This is what it takes to be my ginna. Can you handle it?

To register as my ginna simply fill in your particulars of this form and email to me at


Paikia Name: (Eg ahsiao, xiaobeng, brother hong, lee xiao long, ah lian etc) But you cannot put the word '哥' behind your name because people call me 头哥

Gang Name if you want to nominate:

What weapon you use when you tio daiji: Newspaper, Magazine, Soccer Ball, Paper Plane, Dustbin, Bare hands, Middle Finger. (I dont encourage daiji, cos we are slacking gang)

What vulgarities you always scold: (Because it is important to keep using the basic like knn and ccb as being my ginna need to scare people and these are the magic words to scare people off so they will be humji and we can tio them)

What is your Level of Education: *note, higher than O level = disqualify*
As my ginnas must be studying secondary or primary school so they can guai lan their teacher in class.

How many ex-gf/bf you have:
This is also important because if you don't have more than 5 exbf/gf, you are not fit to be a ginna because all my ginna must have at least 5 stead before, if no stead before go and find 5 first.

Just fill up all your info and you can apply to be my ginna.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 9:40 AM  slacking at 9:40 AM.


This is for those pajiao people who pajiao cannot see the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: This is NOT 14 Siao Blog! This blog or is for entertainment purposes only. Those names in this blog used are all fake. No real name was used. Most stories posted by the blogger are all fake stories, there are little real stories post in or
If you are unhappy with some post which offended you in some other reasons, please email with reasons provided for this blogger to remove the post.

---All topic posted here are for matured reader only. Vulgarities has been used. If you find this blog offensive. Pls Alt+F4---

Pls Note that, I will not reply all those piakia tag in the tagboard!
This blogger have the rights to stop blogging, delete this blog without any notices.

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posted by Zhong Eh @ 12:00 AM  slacking at 12:00 AM.

Me. Brother. GF. Hobbies

Zhong Eh
-- Ex ~ Mai Pia, Ai Pia, Jolie
-- Bro ~ Tao Eh
-- Mood ~ slack slack
-- Loving ~ chio bu
-- Hating ~ ppl who stare us
-- Reading ~ Gangster Blog
-- Listening To ~ Gang Poem
-- Watching ~ Chio bu
-- Email/MSN/Facebook/Twitter ~

About This Blogger

I'm your zhong eh. (:
*Disclaimer: This is NOT 14 Siao Blog!
This is for entertainment purpose only.
This blogger is not an paikia.
MOST of the story here are fake.
Read More *
To all those paikia who read my blog:
Don't come here kpkb.
Read the disclaimer and Just enjoy it!

My busy schedule list...

-- Slacking
-- see chio bu
-- settle daiji
-- Blah blah blah

I frequent...

-- Tao Eh's Blog
-- Dangerousity kills the Uncle

Tag on my board...

Pls read theDISCLAMIERbefore coming here to kpkb.


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